Chartarum SoundtrackAvailable now on iTunes! Coming soon to Zune, Rhapsody & Napster! (And, hopefully, direct download, if we can find a good shopping cart.)

Track Listing*:

  1. Cross Mass
  2. The Big Ass Beat of Wee Willy Waco [Touchmaster J, featuring User McFriendly & JS BEAT]
  3. Sally Has Issues
  4. A Slow Degradation of Morality
  5. You Got Evil [Marcus Connor]
  6. This is Not An Assault
  7. Heroes
  8. A Binary Form For Nerd Rage And Flamethrower
  9. Get Offa Mah Lawn
  10. Zombies And Freedom [Hannah Hoffman]
  11. Nerd Rage (Bon Scott’s Rumpus Room Mix)
  12. Who the Hell Are They?
  13. Into the Void
  14. Super Rape Cage IV

*Unless noted, all music is composed and performed by John Shaw.

Two boxes of Soundtrack CDsTrack #15
The soundtrack is only available digitally. In June 2010, physical copies of the soundtrack, featuring a special bonus track (Yet Another Modest Proposal, by Sheldon Goldfarb, anchor for Think Twice News), were available as part of the Porcfest Survival Kit, including a commemorative mug (and free beer). Owners of this CD are the only ones who have a copy of the bonus track, but you can hear it during Gardiner Goldsmith’s conversation with John and Producer Jason Osborne.