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Hi, everyone! We took a break from the blog while we were working on some things. Very soon we’ll have an official announcement about the premiere of Chartarum and hopefully some other great news. We’re going to resume posting now, with more of the usual, and will include announcements as soon as we have official word.

Please note: Cast & Crew – if you haven’t heard from me lately, I might not have your current email address. From now on, we’ll be posting announcements here (automatically sent to Twitter) and on Facebook. Emails will go out with important news, so if you want to be included, please get in touch (chartarum at gmail dot com).

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More Chartarum Swag

Just arrived: a bunch of 1″ Chartarum buttons because swag is fun!

Chartarum 1-inch buttons (black & white)

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Behind the Scenes: ADR Session With Jason

The end of the ADR sessions is in sight. Mel started hers on Saturday and everyone available has been by for last-minute recordings. A few weeks ago, Jason Osborne (Producer, etc.) was in town for some of the big sessions and recorded ADR for Schumer as well.

Jason ADR

Jason Osborne (Schumer) during ADR

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Behind the Scenes: ADR for Russ

We are nearing the finishing line! Just some partial sessions with a couple of cast members to go, then mine, and the ADR will be complete! From what I’ve seen of it, everyone seems to be having a lot of fun. Russ Van Ness (Milton) has done a couple of sessions, and is almost done with his ADR. Here are a couple of pictures from his first session:

Russ during ADR

Russ Van Ness (Milton) loops dialogue for Chartarum

Russ & John during ADR

Russ and John (director, etc.) watch the portion of the scene that they are going to loop next.

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Chartarum Stickers

Apologies in advance for the not-so-hot image quality, but I was just too excited to wait for better lighting. My order from Moo arrived today and I wanted to share! These are some stickers/labels I ordered for an upcoming event:

Chartarum Stickers

Large and small Chartarum stickers, plus small QR Code stickers.

Chartarum QR Code

Chartarum QR Code

I’m a latecomer to the whole “smart phone” thing (I resisted as long as I could), but I knew we had to have QR code stickers (I’ve already tested them on my phone). I’m a fan of Moo for small-run jobs, and really like their sticker books – the small stickers are about 1″ square with rounded corners and come 90 to a book. Some folks attending a special showing of Chartarum in a few weeks will get the large sticker and, hopefully, a post card, plus whatever else I can think of.


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Behind the Scenes: Roberto’s ADR Session

Roberto Warren (Eli) has finished his ADR sessions! Here are a couple of pictures from his first one:

Roberto ADR

Roberto Warren (Eli) records some replacement dialogue for Chartarum.

Roberto and John during ADR

Roberto & John Shaw (director, etc.) during ADR.

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Watching the Movie

The folks that were able to be here for ADR last weekend were the first to see Chartarum from start to finish (with less-than-perfect sound, obviously – what we were gathering to fix).

As of this writing, I’ve now seen the movie five times. I seriously love it, and not just because of my involvement (and my love for the director). Actually, being this close to the production made it harder to watch, because I was remembering every bit of action that went into each scene. When you sit down to watch a movie for the first time – in a theater or one that you’ve purchased or rented – it doesn’t come with any “history.” But boy, what a difference it makes when you were there.

The first time I saw it, I sat with John in our home studio/computer room and we watched it on one of the monitors. Throughout the course of the weekend, as each cast member arrived for their ADR session, we all watched together, this time on the big screen in the living room:

Sally Coloring

Oshyn Gibson as Sally Barnes, coloring during the opening scene of Chartarum.

While I’m watching this scene, I’m enjoying it (Oshyn did a great job), but I’m also remembering making that t-shirt, or the bracelets, loving the zombie action figures that John made for me ages ago (and wondering where they ended up), loving this character that wears Cthulhu, Jr. t-shirts and plays with zombie toys, doing my single bit of camera work (coming up a little further into this scene), the grape pop that ended up on the floor…. I also know what comes next, which is something you all will have to wait just a little longer to find out.

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ADR totally rocks!

Movie Star Diary – 21 & 22 April 2012

Julie during ADR

Julie Hurford (Frances) re-records (loops) dialogue for Chartarum. Coffee is essential, but that much talking eventually requires water with lemon juice.

For those who don’t know, Automated Dialogue Recording (ADR) – aka “looping” – is total movie magic. It replaces dialogue that’s too quiet, too cluttered, too wimpy, or just plain bad with a new and improved version. As the fans of Chartarum know, all of our outdoor lines were rendered null by The Evil Crickets of Luther Who Never Shut Up (and who may deserve their own horror flick). To correct this cosmic wrong, I found myself in headphones and leaning towards a microphone while I tried to redo my lines while matching my on-screen lips.

Julie and John during ADR

Julie (Frances) and John (director, etc.) - with Maggie - during ADR.

After some fumbling around, and learning not to make noise by talking with my hands, I got to participate in a technological miracle. I said my line; John dropped it into the movie, and tweaked it until everything matched exactly. If I was out of breath toward the end of a line, John just had me do the end part, and dropped it in to the movie like a Lego®. He was as precise as a surgeon, and I sound fabulous. John was kind enough to point out that I have a bit of a talent for ADR. I was just happy to sound the way I wanted/needed to (intense anarchist), instead of how I actually do (deadpan suburbanite).

We did some really fun stuff at the end: I had to make “fight noises” (Ugh, Engh, Urgh) – the kind of sounds you make when kicking bad guy butt – as well as snarky voice-over lines. AND I got to see the practically-done cut of the movie. Twice. I won’t spoil it – I just think everyone’s gonna love the film’s drama, cleverness, and humor. Good times.

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An Unexpected Request

Mel previously shared that one of her hobbies led her to contact knitting needle manufacturers and distributors during our search for sponsors. She reached out to a few companies that she knew of, proposing having a character knit on screen using their needles.

We were thrilled to hear back from HiyaHiya North America that they were interested in being a sponsor for Chartarum. That was great news, but what really blew us away was when they asked if we could use their needles to kill a monster. Well, duh. (We probably wouldn’t have done so if they hadn’t asked, but if they were up for it, so were we!) As far as we know, this is the first cross-promotion of knitting needles and a monster movie and we’re very happy to be a part of it.

There may or may not have been multiple monsters slain with knitting needles, but here is a still image from the movie showing one confirmed kill managed with a set of US6 47″ Stainless Steel circulars* (as a garrote):

Sam strangles drone

Mel Shaw (Sam) uses circular knitting needles from HiyaHiya NA to take out a drone (Ty Otto) in Chartarum.

Mel still has these needles; in fact, she says they’re in use right now (for their normally-intended purpose), on a long-term project.

*Circular needles consist of two short needle tips (in this case, stainless steel), connected by a flexible cable.

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Behind the Scenes: Theremin

If you’ve watched old sci-fi movies (or listened to Led Zeppelin), chances are you’ve heard a Theremin, an electronic instrument invented in 1920. Being a fan of old sci-fi movies (and Led Zeppelin), John Shaw (director, etc.) has wanted a Theremin of his own forever. We’re now the happy owners of a B3 Deluxe Theremin from Sounds Like Burns, and it is up in our media/living room. It fits right in with our big projector screen and framed prints of old sci-fi movies! (Here’s a YouTube link to John messing around with it, soon after it arrived.)

As mentioned earlier, we’ve started ADR (also known as looping), which is the process to replace recorded dialogue in a movie. (We were plagued with sound problems – including exuberant crickets – during filming.) Some of the cast was able to visit this weekend (more on that later), and they got a chance to mess around with the Theremin:

Roberto trying the theremin

Roberto Warren (Eli) on the Theremin

Russ tries the theremin

Russ Van Ness (Milton) tries the Therem during a break from ADR.

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