Cast & Crew

People on this project frequently performed more than one role. The list has been roughly broken up into segments, but many of the extras helped out quite a lot while they were with us, so they deserve kudos too! Click on an avatar or name to see the tag page for that person, which lists any page they’re mentioned on (including image credits). We’ll update the links as more posts are added.

Cast & Crew: If your name/avatar isn’t linked, we might not have content for you. Contact the webgoddess to contribute or be interviewed.

John Shaw SocksJohn Shaw: Writer, Director, Editor, Special Effects, Music, ADR/Looping, Lighting, Cinematography, Producer

Jason OsborneJason Osborne: Producer, Actor (Schumer)

Mel ShawMel Shaw: Producer, Actor (Sam), Costuming, Cameras, Web Goddess/Admin

Russ Van NessRuss Van Ness: Assistant Director, Actor (Milton), Cameras, Makeup

Roberto WarrenRoberto Warren: Actor (Eli)

Julie HurfordJulie Hurford: Actor (Frances)

Dale EverettDale Everett: Actor (Jarrod)

Matt BallottiMatt Ballotti: Production Assistant, Actor (Running Peep)

Tegan BallottiTegan Ballotti: Production Assistant, Extra (Drone)

Wayne BallottiWayne Ballotti: Production Assistant, Extra (Drone)

Mike BarskeyMike Barskey: Lead Production Assistant, Cameras, Actor (Offended Peep)

Jay DenonvilleJay Denonville: Sound, Production Assistant, Extra (Drone)

Brandon EnsignBrandon Ensign: Actor (Moldman Steve)

Gary ForemanGary Foreman: Actor (Moldman Spook)

Melanie GibsonMelanie Gibson: Actor (Julie Barnes)

Oshyn GibsonOshyn Gibson: Actor (Sally Barnes)

Alex GreenAlex Green: Actor (Alley Moldman)

Dave HeidDave Heid: Production Assistant, Actor (Merle)

Kurt HildebrandtKurt Hildebrandt: Audio, Actor (Peep)

Silhouette Image - No Picture AvailableBonerjoe: Himself

Scott McDonnellScott McDonnell: Actor (Moldman Dave)

Richard OnleyRichard Onley: Actor (Moldman Ted)

Samantha PixlerSamantha Pixler: Actor (News Anchor)

Kari SnyderKari Snyder: Actor (Alley Victim)

Charles N. SteeleCharles N. Steele: Actor (Moldman Goon 2)

Nikolai G. WenzelNikolai G. Wenzel: Actor (Moldman Goon 1)

Jennifer WorthJennifer Worth: Production Assistant, Extra (Drone)

Michael Osborne - No Picture AvailableMichael Osborne: Crew

Steve SmithSteve Smith: Crew

Adam BakerAdam Baker: Extra (Drone)

Silhouette Image - No Picture AvailableSzandor Blestman: Extra (Drone)

Ryan CagleRyan Cagle: Extra (Drone)

Charles ClaudeCharles “Blake” Claude: Extra (Drone)

Damion GadberryDamion Michael Gadberry: Extra (Drone)

Nathan GadberryNathan Ray Gadberry: Extra (Drone)

Kurtis HallKurtis Hall: Extra (Drone)

Deanna JohnsonDeanna Johnson: Extra (Drone)

Kelvin JohnsonKelvin Johnson: Extra (Drone)

Sydney JohnsonSydney Johnson: Extra (Drone)

Donna KammersDonna Kammers: Extra (Drone)

Melissa KammersMelissa Kammers: Extra (Drone)

Wilson LaskerWilson Lasker: Extra (Drone)

Jerry MartinezJerry Martinez: Extra (Drone)

Nancy MettlachNancy Mettlach: Extra (Drone)

Jeanne MosherJeanne Mosher: Extra (Drone)

Dan MyersDan Myers: Extra (Drone)

Connor OsborneConnor Osborne: Extra (Shooting Victim 1)

Jared OsborneJared Osborne: Extra (Drone)

Tanner OsborneTanner Osborne: Extra (Shooting Victim 2)

Ty OttoTy Otto: Extra (Drone (aka “Sweet Prince”))

James RainesJames Raines: Extra (Moldman Sidekick)

Fran Trovillion-HarrisFran Trovillion-Harris: Extra (Drone)

Adam WeisnerAdam Weisner: Extra (Drone)