Montage of behind-the-scenes pictures taken during filming in Luther, MIDrawing from the ever popular Infected-People-Go-On-Rampage-But-Ain’t-Exactly-Zombies school of film making, Think Twice Productions brings you Chartarum, a delightful little horror romp depicting the exploits of a group of unlikely heroes who go up against impossible odds etc etc.

I think you know the drill, yes? Let’s quit with the foreplay.

So here’s the scoop – Good Guys™ are being framed by the Big Bad™ to look like bad guys themselves. Hilarity ensues. The kind with gunfire and news coverage.

What you’ll get –

  • Some really gross stuff.
  • Some fairly scary stuff.
  • Some pretty damned funny stuff.
  • A little bit of for-serious stuff.
  • Enough social commentary to gag a maggot.