Prop Drawing Pics

Whew! I finally got a few minutes to get the props together and photograph them all. These are the props that we’ll be drawing for at the Premiere this Thursday (!). Each will come with a signed certificate of authenticity, displaying a picture of the item plus a screencap from the movie.

Check out the previous post for details about the drawing. Remember: tickets can be ordered in advance and you don’t have to be present to win!

Prop GunsPair of prop guns, used by “Jarrod” (Dale Everett). – Note: these have had the orange cap removed (indicates that they’re toys), so they shouldn’t be waved around where they might be mistaken for real guns.

Hiya Hiya Size 6 Circulars, aka monster-killing knitting needlesMonster-killing knitting needle (HiyaHiya NA, size 6 circular) used by “Sam” (Mel Shaw) to take out a few baddies.

Mr. Tooloo PrintsLimited edition print of drawing by “Sally” (Oshyn Gibson), signed by the artist (numbers 1/10 – 5/10).

Camo Jacket and Cap, worn by SteveCap & camo jacket (worn by “Steve” (Brandon Ensign)).

Zombie Action FigureIf we sell enough tickets, I am going to part with one of Sally’s zombie action figures as a grand prize. (It’s actually mine, one of a trip made by John, and is absolutely unique.)

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