Own a piece of Chartarum history!

We’re very excited to offer the Chartarum Cast & Crew the chance to show off all their hard work to their friends and family and we can’t wait to see anyone that can make it to the Premiere on October 4 in Royal Oak.

During the premiere, we’re going to be raffling off some props from the move to help offset some of the expenses, and we’d like to give the not-local folks the opportunity to get their hands on some Chartarum history. Tickets will be available in advance, to anyone who wants to play, and you won’t have to be present to win*. If you want to buy online, we’ll send a scan of your tickets via email and then mail out any prizes after the premiere. Contact Mel at chartarum@gmail.com to work out details.

Prizes (list subject to change, but this is pretty solid)
We’ve shared screencaps of all the prizes from the movie; click on any to enlarge. We’ll do a follow-up in a day or two with clear pictures of all the items.

Pair of (prop) guns (used by “Jarrod” (Dale Everett)) – Note: these have had the orange cap removed (indicates that they’re toys), so they shouldn’t be waved around where they might be mistaken for real guns.

Sam strangles droneMonster-killing knitting needle (HiyaHiya NA, size 6 circular) used by “Sam” (Mel Shaw) to take out a few baddies.

Limited edition print of drawing by “Sally” (Oshyn Gibson), signed by the artist (numbers 1/10 – 5/10)

Cap & camo jacket (worn by “Steve” (Brandon Ensign))

If we sell enough tickets, Mel is going to sacrifice one of Sally’s zombie toys as a grand prize. (They’re really hers, made by John, and are absolutely unique.)

$2 each
6 for $10
13 for $20

Bonus, while supplies last
(Buying in person gets a small premium here, due to the cost of mailing out the items.)
Chartarum 1-inch buttons (black & white)

  • In person at the Premiere:
    • buy at least 2 tickets: Chartarum button
    • buy 6 or more tickets ($10): Pocket First Aid Kit & Chartarum pin
  • Online (with mailing address):
    • $10 gets you 6 tickets & a Chartarum pin
    • $20 gets you 13 tickets, a pocket first aid kit & a Chartarum pin

*We’ll announce the winning ticket numbers at the event, of course, and then post the unclaimed numbers on the website and Facebook page. Participants will have through the weekend (6 PM on Sunday, Oct. 7) to claim their prizes.

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  1. Julie says:

    This is great – I think the Needles of Death and the zombie toys will be the top items. (IMHO)

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