Porcfest 2012 Swag Bags

On Friday, June 22, 2012, we previewed an almost-finished version of Chartarum for attendees of the 2012 Porcupine Freedom Festival (aka Porcfest). Technically, it was really, really early on Saturday, since we started a little after midnight, but until you go to bed, it’s still Friday, right? At the time, the movie was complete except for some audio issues, which have since been fixed.

Many guests received a special “swag bag” created just for the event:

Porcfest 2012 Swag Bag

Porcfest 2012 Swag Bag Contents

Each bag contained:

  • Candy: Moldy Bits (black & blue M&Ms) & Moldman Goop (black licorice whips)
  • Chartarum postcard
  • Chartarum soundtrack
  • Chartarum 1″ pin
  • Large Chartarum sticker
  • Pocket first aid kit, “for heroes” (antiseptic wipe, antibiotic cream & bandage)
  • Card game booklet (“To play when you’re on the run from a government conspiracy”)
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