The Trailers

The final trailer will be released in the near future. Some folks who attended Porc Fest in June, 2011 got a sneak peek, but it’s going be a while before the rest of us can see it. In the meantime, check out the previous trailers:

Trailer 2:

Trailer 1:

Cast shown in the videos –
Trailer 2: In order of appearance
Jason Osborne
Alex Greene
Kari Snyder
Russ Van Ness
Dale Everett
Mel Shaw
Dave Heid
Boner Joe
Mike Barskey
Julie Hurford
Roberto Warren

Trailer 1: Roughly in order of appearance
Tegan Ballotti
Wayne Ballotti
Jay Denonville
Dave Heid
Richard Onley
Szandor Blestman
Ryan Cagle
Damion Gadberry
Nathan Gadberry
Deanna Johnson
Kelvin Johnson
Sydney Johnson
Donna Kammers
Melissa Kammers
Wilson Lasker
Nancy Mettlach
Jeanne Mosher
Fran Trovillion-Harris
Mel Shaw
Dale Everett
Julie Hurford
Robert Warren
Jerry Martinez
Russ Van Ness
Kari Snyder

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