Official Chartarum Trailer

Available publicly for the first time.

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Chartarum Premieres

Last night (Thursday, October 4) was the Chartarum premiere, which took place at The Main in Royal Oak, MI. What an absolute rush to see Chartarum up on the marquee! I immediately posted this picture to my personal Facebook wall, but had to wait until this morning to do it justice for the site and Chartarum Facebook page:

Marquee at the Main

Chartarum on the marquee at The Main in Royal Oak, MI on October 4, 2012.

John and I arrived early (we had quite a drive to make near rush hour, plus we needed to set up), and were able to have a poster on an easel in the lobby, along with a table for handing out the passes and taking donations. Several cast members from Michigan and Ohio came, and brought family, friends and co-workers to show off their hard work. It was great to see: Roberto, Julie, Russ, Scott, Brandon, Jennifer and Jeanne, and it was fabulous for us all to see the fruits of our labor up on a big screen! (John posted a picture of the screen during the hardware test on the Facebook page last week, check it out!)

John paced, but I was able to sit down after a while and enjoy the movie on the big screen, surrounded by a laughing and cheering crowd, which is an experience I will never forget.

After the movie was over, we had a Q&A with the cast (much of which we caught on camera – we’ll be posting it in the coming days). We were able to share some behind-the-scenes stories with the audience (which reminded me that we need to arrange the recording of a commentary), and give kudos to some of the unsung heroes of the shoot.

When our time was up, we returned to the theater lobby to hold the drawing for the props. I’d like to thank my goddaughter, Sarah, and her friend Courtney for helping me keep everything straight. One of the highlights of my night (there were so many!) was watching Roberto* and Brandon autograph two of the prizes: jackets they’d worn in the production.

There was one unclaimed prize from the prop drawing so, as promised, here’s that number: 610321. There’s a phone number on the back, so we’ll be calling it a little later today to arrange for shipping of the “Mr. Tooloo print #4/10.”

For everyone that came: thank you! We hope you had as much fun as we did (or more). For everyone that missed it, there may be a repeat screening, albeit at regular admission rates. We’ll keep you posted!

*We had a surprise bonus drawing: Roberto brought in the camo shirt/jacket that he wore during – I think – the final battle scenes. If the person that won it would contact me, we can work out a way to get a certificate of authenticity like all the other props had.

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Prop Drawing Pics

Whew! I finally got a few minutes to get the props together and photograph them all. These are the props that we’ll be drawing for at the Premiere this Thursday (!). Each will come with a signed certificate of authenticity, displaying a picture of the item plus a screencap from the movie.

Check out the previous post for details about the drawing. Remember: tickets can be ordered in advance and you don’t have to be present to win!

Prop GunsPair of prop guns, used by “Jarrod” (Dale Everett). – Note: these have had the orange cap removed (indicates that they’re toys), so they shouldn’t be waved around where they might be mistaken for real guns.

Hiya Hiya Size 6 Circulars, aka monster-killing knitting needlesMonster-killing knitting needle (HiyaHiya NA, size 6 circular) used by “Sam” (Mel Shaw) to take out a few baddies.

Mr. Tooloo PrintsLimited edition print of drawing by “Sally” (Oshyn Gibson), signed by the artist (numbers 1/10 – 5/10).

Camo Jacket and Cap, worn by SteveCap & camo jacket (worn by “Steve” (Brandon Ensign)).

Zombie Action FigureIf we sell enough tickets, I am going to part with one of Sally’s zombie action figures as a grand prize. (It’s actually mine, one of a trip made by John, and is absolutely unique.)

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Own a piece of Chartarum history!

We’re very excited to offer the Chartarum Cast & Crew the chance to show off all their hard work to their friends and family and we can’t wait to see anyone that can make it to the Premiere on October 4 in Royal Oak.

During the premiere, we’re going to be raffling off some props from the move to help offset some of the expenses, and we’d like to give the not-local folks the opportunity to get their hands on some Chartarum history. Tickets will be available in advance, to anyone who wants to play, and you won’t have to be present to win*. If you want to buy online, we’ll send a scan of your tickets via email and then mail out any prizes after the premiere. Contact Mel at to work out details.

Prizes (list subject to change, but this is pretty solid)
We’ve shared screencaps of all the prizes from the movie; click on any to enlarge. We’ll do a follow-up in a day or two with clear pictures of all the items.

Pair of (prop) guns (used by “Jarrod” (Dale Everett)) – Note: these have had the orange cap removed (indicates that they’re toys), so they shouldn’t be waved around where they might be mistaken for real guns.

Sam strangles droneMonster-killing knitting needle (HiyaHiya NA, size 6 circular) used by “Sam” (Mel Shaw) to take out a few baddies.

Limited edition print of drawing by “Sally” (Oshyn Gibson), signed by the artist (numbers 1/10 – 5/10)

Cap & camo jacket (worn by “Steve” (Brandon Ensign))

If we sell enough tickets, Mel is going to sacrifice one of Sally’s zombie toys as a grand prize. (They’re really hers, made by John, and are absolutely unique.)

$2 each
6 for $10
13 for $20

Bonus, while supplies last
(Buying in person gets a small premium here, due to the cost of mailing out the items.)
Chartarum 1-inch buttons (black & white)

  • In person at the Premiere:
    • buy at least 2 tickets: Chartarum button
    • buy 6 or more tickets ($10): Pocket First Aid Kit & Chartarum pin
  • Online (with mailing address):
    • $10 gets you 6 tickets & a Chartarum pin
    • $20 gets you 13 tickets, a pocket first aid kit & a Chartarum pin

*We’ll announce the winning ticket numbers at the event, of course, and then post the unclaimed numbers on the website and Facebook page. Participants will have through the weekend (6 PM on Sunday, Oct. 7) to claim their prizes.

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Chartarum Premiere set for October 2012

We are so excited to announce that Chartarum is premiering soon! This is a little treat so cast & crew can show off their work while we continue to work on selling it.

Where: Main Art Theatre, Royal Oak, MI
When: Thursday, October 4, at 7 PM (Q&A to follow)

Please see the Facebook Event page or the Google+ Event page for more details and to add it to your calendar!

Chartarum Premiere Announcement

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Behind the Scenes: Melanie Loops

Melanie was the last cast member to loop some of her dialogue. We were so lucky to get her and Oshyn into the home studio, since they’ve moved hundreds of miles away. As luck would have it, they were back in Michigan for a short time and gave up a day to come hang out and tackle their ADR.

Melanie Gibson during ADR

Melanie Gibson (Julie) during ADR

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Behind the Scenes: Oshyn Masters ADR

ADR is tough for an adult to do, so we weren’t sure what to expect when Oshyn came by to loop some of her dialogue. We worried for nothing, because she totally nailed it. Her mom, Melanie, and I chatted in the living room and were just called in from time to time to see how well she was doing.

Oshyn Gibson during ADR

Oshyn Gibson (Sally) during ADR

Before they left, sheOshyn Gibson plays Theremin had a chance to try out the Theremin, like several of her cast-mates did before her.

Oshyn Gibson (Sally) tries out the Theremin
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Porcfest 2012 Swag Bags

On Friday, June 22, 2012, we previewed an almost-finished version of Chartarum for attendees of the 2012 Porcupine Freedom Festival (aka Porcfest). Technically, it was really, really early on Saturday, since we started a little after midnight, but until you go to bed, it’s still Friday, right? At the time, the movie was complete except for some audio issues, which have since been fixed.

Many guests received a special “swag bag” created just for the event:

Porcfest 2012 Swag Bag

Porcfest 2012 Swag Bag Contents

Each bag contained:

  • Candy: Moldy Bits (black & blue M&Ms) & Moldman Goop (black licorice whips)
  • Chartarum postcard
  • Chartarum soundtrack
  • Chartarum 1″ pin
  • Large Chartarum sticker
  • Pocket first aid kit, “for heroes” (antiseptic wipe, antibiotic cream & bandage)
  • Card game booklet (“To play when you’re on the run from a government conspiracy”)
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Chartarum at Porcfest 2012: Laser Ad

Quick video clip taken during Porcfest 2012. To help increase awareness of the Chartarum preview, we bought some time from a vendor selling laser ads.

Video shot & edited by: Mel Shaw

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Cast & Crew Interview: Samantha Pixler

Samantha Pixler

Samantha Pixler (News Anchor)

What’s your name?
Samantha Pixler

Tell us a bit about what you’ve done so far on the Chartarum project.
I played the news anchor that does short bits throughout the film. It was so much fun playing someone who has black gunk in her teeth!

What was the thing that you found most interesting? (Or, what was your favorite thing?)
I loved being able to act just a little crazier then normal.

What do you do when you’re not working on Chartarum?

I spend my down time watching movies, reading, and hanging out with my Samoyed, Keira. Pretty boring but I love it.

What’s your least favorite household chore?
I hate to iron! I would much rather throw my clothes back in the dryer.

Do you have a favorite chore?
Does anyone have a favorite chore – because if so come to my house and let loose!

What song are you currently hitting replay on the most?
“The Scientist” by Coldplay (It’s my go-to song)
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